Zwitserse Witte Herder/ White Swiss Shepherd Dog /Berger Blanc Suisse/Weisse Schäferhunde

:: Service Dogs ::



We have donated talented pups to be trained to be Service Dogs.


Ubi (son of Daisy and Odin) "Vivid Daydream Excellence"

He is trained to be a Guide Dog for the visual disabled at the KNGF

Iep (son of Daisy and Suka) "Vivid Daydream with Summer Love"

He is trained to be a Service Dog for multi-purposes at the St. Hulphond NL



Iep & Ubi on the pictures still in puppy training


 Since our Daisy is has such an excellent temperament, and since her pups do too, we decided to donate 2 of her kids to a Service Dogs organisation. Daisy puppies have a high intelligence and are very easy to train. They are very affectionate and have a great will to please.


Ubi was born from Daisy second litter. A beautiful and sweet pup, with a special habit; looking people all the time straight in the eyes! He was adopted by Thera and Tonnie in Haakbergen NL; his foster parents for the first year of his training. The training and screening and health plus temperament tests are very serious and tough.

Only 50% of the pups who start at KNGF guidedog training make it...

Beautiful Ubi did excellent the first year and we are so proud of him and his "foster parents"!

He passed all the tests with ease !!

When this is written (Febr. 1st 2010) Ubi is doing the final end of his training and will meet his new (visual handicaped) owner  very soon!  We hope they will make a great team, and i'm sure Ubi will be happy to be the very alert eyes of his owner! We hope to have a new picture of "Ubi at work" to put here on this page soon.



Iep is a puppie of Daisy 3th litter. He was born only 308 gram and was the smallest of the pups. This Daisy and Suka pup grew up, the first weeks, with an extra bottle of milk everyday. To help him catch up with his big brothers and sisters.

Due to all this extra attention he became extremely affectionate and with his bright intelligence en fine behaviour he became the ideal candidate for Hulphond Netherlands. He will be trained for Multi-purpose Service Dog. At first to be "the hands" of his fysical disabled owner. And to help his owner at home outside. He might be trained as well to be a "Signal dog", to be alert for Epileptic attacks and support his new owner when this happens.

>> See here some more pictures <<


We hope (when this is written at Febr. 1st 2010) that Iep will study and learn with the same enthousiasm and ease as his half-brother Ubi the year ahead.

We are very proud of this 2 students !!


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