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 "Chaim de Conquistadores del Azahar" / King Polar  


King...a great and lovely White Shepherd - not healthy but still BEAUTIFUL in everyway




:: MDR1 +/+ :: Free

:: 67 cm Height ::


ED: 3 effected/sufferer!

Theeth: Siccorbite missing 1 - P1

DM: N/N :: Free

CE: Free :: April 2011

Spondylose: Free :: April 2011

:: Genetic langcoat-/shortcoat ::

RRC  0109361

DNA: registered.




"Chaim"  means: "Life

We call him :: King Polar!


Born on: October 4, 2009

Mother: CH."Vivid Daydream Belle's Beach Babe" /  Baila (Spanje)

Father: CH. "Ares das Dunas Brancas" / Ares (BraziliŽ) 


A dream ...


White Shepherd boy from Spain...

"Most dreams are just dreams.... But this one is a dream-come-true...Flown in on Schiphol NL on the 3th of Februari 2010 from Barcelona - Spain, a lovely puppy boy!

This pup was born from our own bred Baila.  Baila is a daughter of Belle-Bela, born from her second litter with Lord Gryphon of the Heart of Lothian.

Baila was the biggest strongest most beautiful girl of all pups in this litter and she got in Spain (where she lives) the Champion title as the first White Swiss Shepherd dog ever.

On the 4th of October 2009 (Animal day) she got a litter, from the handsome Brazilian Champion Ares, with 10 puppies! 5 boys en 5 girls.

King was one of them.....and he came to us......and we were very happy....


The BAD news...

The dream crashed ... in May 2011 the hips and elbows and back of King were officially scanned and examined.

His hips and back are perfect.

His elbow are extremely bad.


On the official certificate one can see that on both elbows have the exactly the same defect.

We TEST with radiology on ED and HD before breeding, because this is genetic, if it would not be genetic there would be no need and no reason to test our dogs!!

We are not very surprised now that we know that also a full brother of King is not free of  ED

And their uncle (brother of their father, owned by Kings breeder) too.

The predisposition for ED is unfortunally hereditary,

King's breeder denies this and withdrew...

We did not get any written agreement or contract when we bought King.


Do not accept a puppy without written buyers agreement/contract !!


So far King did not suffer (May 2011) we hope it will stay like that for a long long time !!

Of course King will not have any offspring

And we hope and ask that breeders will take our advice;

Do NOT breed with dogs with ED, also not with ED-1

It's a very very painfull disease and we need to get this OUT of our lovely breed !!!

If you have any question you can contact us any time