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Oktober 28, 2011 :: Daisy 2 days after surgery her happy self ((-:




Oktober 26, 2011 :: Daisy was in surgery for "breast cancer" :: it was succesfull removed and Daisy is back home ((-:

We are very thankfull that Daisy had a succesfull surgery and we hope to have our lovely girl for many more years healthy by our side.



Sleeping and resting back home for the veterinair. We had to keep her extra warm the first 12 hours. She wares a MP shirt (Medical Pet( shirt which is very comfortable (-:






September 2011 :: NEW!! Pretty Bindy is added to the *Vivid Daydream Family* !

A big THANK YOU to Astrid who trusted her favorite girl to us. Bindy has a very open and relaxed behaviour and we are so happy with her (-:

Finally another beautiful short-coated Whity in the family !




September 2011 :: NEW!! This little longhair "bear" is Robin, he is a son of Dunya and Conner and from our most recent litter !

This boy lives with a great family in our area and gets lots of love and attention from his "foster parents".

He has a big black German longhair Shepherd as his brother and best friend.

Robin will stay a "Vivid Daydream member" and is our hope for the future.

He had the first full-(green)-FCI-pedigree in the Netherlands.




September 2011 :: NEW!! Kitay means *hope* and she is a beautiful daughter of Sinta and Suka !

This great girl had a very gentle, and sweet temperament. And she will stay closely connected to our "clan".

Kitay has her warm home in Groningen and we thank her sweet foster-parents for all the loving care !!




September 2011 :: Our last litter puppies is the first born in the Netherlands with a full (green) FCI pedigrees (-:

We had to wait a few years for them but finally they are here; we proudly received the first !!




September 2011 :: King was op vakantie (-:

Hij en zijn baasjes hebben het heerlijk gehad! We ontvingen schitterende foto's die hieronder te zien zijn.






July 9, 2011 :: Our 10 tressures...

All 10 puppies made it trough the first week, we are very very greatfull.




July 2, 2011 :: Dunya is a mommy !!

In the middle of the day she gives birth to her forst baby in the yard.

The rest were born inside, all together 12 pups !!

Unfortunally we lost 2 boys )-:

Dunya is a very happy proud mother!

Many pictures >> here <<



June 21, 2011 :: HAPPY Birthday to you....

Our Dunya is today 2 years old !!

Also her brothers and sisters! We wish...

Noah, Fox, Jalu, Tess, Iep Bob en Tala **Happy happy B-Day**


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May 31, 2011 :: More happy news!

Our veterinair has shown us with an ultrasound that Dunya expects her first babies !!

More news about the mother-to-be >> HERE



May 25, 2011 :: Today we can smile again (-:

Today we've got the official examination ED and HD results of DUNYA (Vivid Daydream A Summer Angel)

HD - A - Free

ED - 0 - Free

Not bad at all for a jumpy white kanguru ((-:



May 11, 2011 :: Sometimes "sad news" is part of life ...

Today we got the official examination ED and HD results of KING (Chaim de Conquistadores del Azahar)

HD - A - Free

ED - 3 / 2 & 3

His elbows are unfortunally far from healthy.

Both sides have exactly the same defect.

 We are very sad about this...

We wish that King will have many pain-free years ahead to enjoy his wonderful life!

We TEST with radiology on ED and HD because this is genetic.

If it would not be genetic there would be no need nor reason to test our dogs !!

Of course King will not be allowed to have any off-spring.

We are not very surprised of King's ED now that we know that also one brother

and their uncle are not free of Elbow Dyplasia too.

The predisposition for ED is unfortunally hereditary,

King's breeder denies this and withdrew...

In trust we bought King without a written contract/agreement

Don't make the same mistake we did, even if you trust the breeder 100%

Always buy a puppy with a written contract/agreement


May 6, 2011 :: FCI-Centenary-Winner-Show & VDH-Europasieger-Show :: DORTMUND

Our Dunya shows herself for the first time in another country.

The biggest show of Germany.

For the first time and as the youngest of the group in the Adult-class (Openklasse).


Despite the strong competition Dunya got from the French Judge:

3th place Excellent !



25 apr. 2011 :: International CAC-CACIB *EASTERSHOW* 2011 Leeuwarden NL


Our lovely Dunya (Vivid Daydream A Summer Angel) did just GREAT!

She, still a young girl, gor first place of all bitches

First place of all (30!) beautifull White Shepherds


In breedgroup 1 she was selected with the 10 (of 40!) Best Shepherd Dogs !

Only the last 1,2 and 3 were finally selected

(So she was placed with the BEST 100 of the 2300 (!) dogs of the show)

Of course we are very very proud of our beauty !



April 20, 2011 :: Healthy news (-:

A bloodtest in the lab showed that:

Dunya and King are free of DM (Degeneratieve Myelopathy like MS in people)

Dunya is free too of PRA (which causes blindness)

(King was not tested yet on PRA)



16 apr. 2011 :: Yentle & Dunya (sisters with one year age difference)

Got on a show in Hardenberg 

Yentle :: Best Puppy :: Very promissing

Dunya :: 1st Excellent :: Best of Breed



April 10, 2011 :: Daisy first born pups are 4 years old today!

Happy B-Day to >> Kaya, Yaro, Lord & Lady, Dina, Bart, Ruby and Sheba **




March 30, 2011 :: Birthday ...

Hurray!!! Our first White shepherd pups were born 7 years ago!

All are still healthy and we hope they will stay that for many many more years!

CONGRATULATIONS  Ice, Doron, Juno, Isa en Kaya.



March 11, 2011 :: Happy B-day to....

Mark, Djazzy, Flock, Sem, Dena, Nora, Ubi, Exzo and...SINTA !

3 years old today!!

AND... Sinta got 9 "presents" on her birthday :: 5 puppy boys and 4 puppy girls !!

Soon more on the puppy page....



9 febr. 2011 :: Puppies coming (-:

We are so very happy the ultrasound made showed puppies growing in Sinta's belly ((-:

een pupje in beeld!

2 febr. 2011 :: Service dog talent

Wonderful news about our student Iep, he has done great and is actually ready to be matched with an disabled owner. To help making the life of this person easier and more joyfull by the service and help of Iep. The update is in dutch (sorry!) > update  <

1 febr. 2011 :: Pregnant ?

Since three weeks after the mating Sinta not have much appatite anymore. We suspect it has a vey possitive reason...Pregnancy nausea is also often seen in dog pregnancy. In a few more days the ultrasound will take all doubt away....


:: Jan. 8, 2011 :: Mating time!

Sinta went to Suka this first week of the new year. They had a Lovely time together, you can see here an impression of the love-couple ...  Now all we need is patience. And we keep our fingers crossed for a few sweet puppies of this amazing couple (-:

We wish you the very best 2011 possible !!



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