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:: July 5,  2013 :: DATING & MATING!

 ♥♫ Our Dunya and Bindy had a date with lovely boys  ♥♫  

Now we cross our fingers tight for a few sweet babies!




:: July 4,  2013 :: HD en ED official results

Very very happy to anounce the health results of our sweeties...

Bindy HD A - ED 0/0 - Back Free of all defects - Eyes Free of all defects

Mylo HD A - ED 0/0 Back Free of all defects - Eyes Free of all defects

Boyd HD A - Back free of all Defects (ED too young -Eyes too Young)

Delilah HD A en ED 0/0 - Back Free of all defects (Eyes not yet)

Diva-Daisy ook HD A - Too young for the rest

Dunya Eyes Free of all defects (HD - ED - Back done before - all perfect)



♥ ♫  :: Here they are !!! :: ♫ ♥ 

The very first babies of ROBIN (Vivid Daydream Warden-Whitby) in New Zealand :: 12 pups!!




:: June 21,  2013 :: 4 YEARS OLD TODAY, OUR SUMMER KIDS !

Happy Hurray for





:: June 20,  2013 :: A LITTLE MORE TIME AND THEN ...

Robin and Eflie will have 12 babies !!! Sooo many ... goodness ... !!!



:: JUne 16, 2013 :: CLUBMATCH of the Dutch Breed club!

69 very pretty White Swiss Shepherd Dogs on the show!

Our 4 dreamteam doggies did great :-)

 Bindy 2th place Excellent (of 8)  

Dunya 4th plce with Excellent (of 13) 

Kiki Very Good - she was not-in-the-mood  

Michael (Dunya & Conner kid) 2th plce Excellent (of 7)




:: June 11  2013 :: DIVA-DAISY

Diva, the beautiful daughter of Dunya and Nero was x-rayed today on hips and elbows

Her hips are perfect, the best score possible !!!

For the official result of her elbows she is too young but all looked good




:: June 10  2013 :: BABIES COMING !!

In about 2 weeks our precious Robin will become a daddy for the first time !!

He lives with Tanya and Family in New Zealand (Pandora's Kennels) and dates one of their girls.

We can not wait to see their kids !!!



:: June 9, 2013 :: SHOW :: Clubmatch ALMELO

Bindy had us today for herself all day, and what a day it was !!

More than 100 registered beautiful dogs but unfortunally just a few White Shepherds.

It was not difficuld to get Beste of Breed but she contunued ...


She beat all dogs to end as.....

Reserve Beste of the Show!




:: 6 juni 2013 :: HuRRAY for all puppies of Dunya and Nero !

Today are celebrating


Their very first birthday !  X




:: 1 juni 2013 :: WELL WELL WELL ! ! !

June 1st we went with Kitay (Vivid Daydream Tsubomi - 2 years old) to the INTERNATIONAL Show Oss 2013

The judge was very impressed by our beauty and she won from all WSSD girls!

She got her first NL Champion point ánd International Champion point :-)



:: 29 mei 2013 :: A DAY OF TENSION

Today we had an oppointment with our veterinarian with our 2 boys and with 2 girls.

They all had their elbows back, and hips x-rayed.

It was hard work for the vet but he did a great job!

And...he was very content with all the x-rays.

Now we need to wait and wait for the official examination and scores...




:: 26 mei 2013 :: A NICE EVENT

We went to CM Waterland this day.

8 White Shepherds only, were registered. Our DIVA (almost 1 year old) did her very first show.

Djaro (2 years old) did great and got Best of Breed in the end.

But Diva did a great job too as youngest: Best Female of the breed from 6 females !!!

We are very proud of course :-)

Vivid Daydream Djaro & Vivid Daydream Diva running for the winners-1st-place



:: 18 mei 2013 ::

*What a Day for A Daydream!*

Our beauty Dunya 1th Place CAC and Best of Breed !

A bad picture of a great show day :-)

The judge came all the way from South Africa (Mrs Jarman)

Our Delilah (DW's Souvereighn D. D.) got a nice second place with an excellent report!



:: May 14  2013 ::

Our beloves Robin moved to the far New Zealand :: he has the honour to be on the cover of the monthy New-Zealand Dog-Magazine

Thanks to Tanya for everything :-)



:: The end of april 2013 ::

No puppy plans this year ???

We will have news soon... a little more patience please ;-)




:: April 11  2013 ::

Hugs and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the kids of Sinta and Chicco!


1 year old today!



:: Beginning april 2013 :: - A very long winter in the Netherlands...long and cold......The doggies don't mind!



:: PASEN 2013 :: - Our young lady DIVA (Vivid Daydream ET)



:: January 1 2013 :: A SUPER good start of the New Year. Our Kitay Best of Breed and 3th in Group :-)





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