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link: Beautifull "VIVID DAYDREAM" stationary's!!


"Vivid Daydream Belle's Beach Babe"

BEST FEMALE (CEPBS) SPAIN 2007 Congratulations Werner and Mathilda !!

We are waiting for the official anouncement of her Spanish Champion title...

Nov.1, 2007:

Amarushaya/Daisy, Melina en Muriël where on the big-stage in Hoorn NL in the musical OEBELE 2007.  They did GREAT (-:


Our Amarushaya/Daisy is in the Australian White Shepherd calender 2007.

18 nov. 2007:

18 nov. 2007: "Vivid Daydream Neige-Pearl" EURO-Dog-Show Kortrijk puppyclass females 2th place Very-Promissing.

Okt.14, 2007:

"Vivid Daydream Bathelomeus" (Amarushaya X Cumano) CAC show Maribor-Slovenia 2007 :: Best puppy :: and 2th Best Pup in Show !! His twin sister became :: Best female Puppy Very promising.

1. kraški ovčar: Fina Srednjedravska (SLO)
2. švicarski beli ovčar: Vivid Daydream Barthelomeus (SLO)
3. rottweiler: Angelina Vravolu (SLO)

Okt.6, 2007:

"Vivid Daydream Daisy's Pearl" (Sheba) (almost 6 months young) INTERN. SHOW Zwolle :: 2th place very-promissing baby-class ! 

Sheba 2th of the 5 babies CAC show Zwolle 2007

Aug. 26, 2007:

 CAC-Trbovlje Slovenië 2007  "Vivid Daydream Daily-Kaya" (Amarushaya X Cumano) 3e pup Best in Show

July 19, 2007:

July 19, 2007: Our Belle-Bela was on vacation with Thea and Frans in the south of our country, they have fallen in love and Belle will stay with them for good.

Aug 1, 2007:

Amarushaya's father "Moon Shine Miraja"

Best of Breed / Best in show (81 White Shepherds) Alpentrophy 2007 !!

This is his second victory at the Alphentrophy, his first was in 2005. 

July 8, 2007:

Amarushaya's puppy: Vivid Daydream Daisy's Pearl" (SHEBA) almost 3 months young and her very first show!

Clubmatch AKC-Waterland 2007 :: BEST BABY in SHOW ::

May. 19, 2007:

    "Vivid Daydream Belle's Beach Babe" 1 Excellent CAC ! Intern. Show Zaragoza 07

  AND... Best of Breed CACIB Castellón '07

April. 9, 2007:

PUPPIES!!! Daisy gets in real laber at 05.30 PM. Her first daughter is born at 07:00 PM. After 01:00 AM 9 (!!!) puppies are born! No-one expected so many!!! Daisy is extremely happy with her babies and so are we!

April. 7, 2007:

In the afternoon Daisy is having contractions...Many hours we sit with her to see what is going on...Quickly all last things for labor are prepared. Than, at 12:00 midnight she relaxes and we all go to sleep. No labor yet...

April. 4, 2007:

Daisy gained last week 2 kilo again and is getting big! Maybe she will surprise us with more then 5 pups ....(>>>  HEARTBEAT video

April. 1, 2007: It's not an April joke; we have seen and felt the puppies move in Daisy's belly ((-: The mother to be is behaving very calm and quiet, obviously feeling that the birth of her babies is getting closer.

March. 28, 2007: Daisy is 7 weeks pregnant and gained 5 kilo, 2 kilo's in one week. I still gamble on 5 puppies.....but may have a surprise ;-))

March. 23, 2007: Amarushaya/Daisy & Belle-Bela are both tested for the MDR-1 gen-defect and both are FREE !! (+/+)

March. 20, 2007: Daisy gained 3 kilo. She will not have a very big litter.We have to wait another 3 weeks to see her first babies..

March. 7, 2007: YES! Amarushaya/Daisy is PREGNANT und ultrasound has shown us today some very still very small (about 1 cm.) puppies !!

Febr. 25, 2007: Amarushaya/Daisy is feeling great, she eats good and sleeps well. We can feel some swollen tisue under her nippels. Just a few more days and we will know if she carries puppies.....!

Febr. 7, 2007: Progesteron level checked again at 9:oo pm. Why ? Because yesterday she was obviously ready for mating! STILL low level! We decide to go and leave for Germany at noon time. Soon after some exciting games Cumano and Daisy are mating. they are "hanging" for 25 minutes.

Jan.26, 2007: Amarushaya/Daisy "got in season" today! We will have her Progesteron level messured in 7 days...

Jan. 4, 2007: Amarushaya/Daisy had an official ED scan and BEAR test. Both are Excellent. We are so very happy that she is a strong and healthy girl!!


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