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link: Beautifull "VIVID DAYDREAM" stationary's!!



Dec. 26 dec, 2008: **WHITE LOVE** Djaya (daughter Belle & Iskandar)



Dec. 6 nov, 2008:

Daisy's daughter Lady who lives in Slovenia (born with us in 2007) gave birth to 8 beautifull pups !!!

Congratulation Slavi & Danijel and Anja with the first babies of your own bred beautiful Ferrari!


(Nov. 22, '08: photo's added of  Mark and Dayla and Nora and Belle)


:: Vivid Daydream Bayo-Sadie Best of Breed CM KCWF 2008 ::

Well done GIRLS !


And in the kid-dog show Quintin and Sadie got 2th place as "Farmer & Cow"


Nov. 15, 2008:

Our sport-loving Daisy had and examination at the vet's for starting with agility. She is in great shape and has by now 3 lessons. She loves it and has obviously talent for this sport (-: 


Nov. 2 nov, 2008:

Internationale show Bleiswijk 2008 :: Suka uit het Noorden :: the daddy to be of our pups 2009 leaves all White Shepherds behind !

He got: "Best of Breed" CAC & CACIB and 8th in FCI group 1


Okt. 15, 2008:

New pictueres and dutch report on UBI the Guidedog in the making.

Okt. 2, 2008:

Ch."Vivid Daydream Belle's Beach Babe" (BAILA) has become, this evening, a mother of 8 pups!! All are doing very well.

We are proud of this very first Vivid Daydream grand-children ((-:


For the first pictures click HERE


Sept. 15, 2008:

Shocking news...

Werner Müller, proud owner of CH Baila, suddenly died.

 Dear friend R.I.P. We will always miss you!


Sept 10, 2008:

The children of Belle and Iskandar are 2 years old today!
, Djaya en Balou have a great day!

Aug. 5, 2008:

Suka uit Noorden is our first choice to be the father of our litter of 2009.He is completely approved by the ZWHVN and his hips, elbows and back are prefectly healthy!

The beautiful parents to-be Suka & Daisy.


Aug.1, 2008:

 "Vivid Daydream Belle's Beach Babe" (BAILA) officially
ED 0/0 FREE !    Wonderful news!

AND... 2th BEST Ch-Class ALPHENTROPHY 2008 !


Jul. 20, 2008:

"Vivid Daydream Dionna" has got her UKC - Champion title.

Congratulations Cate !!


Jul. 12, 2008:

"Vivid Daydream Extra Gift" (EXZO) moved today to his new home in Dubai - Lots of happiness great guy!


Jul. 7, 2008:

"Vivid Daydream Bathelomeus" (LORD) & "Vivid Daydream DailyKaya" (LADY)
HD-A  ED- 0/0 and OCD-free!! (pups of Daisy and Cumano)

Slavi and Danijel, BIG CONGRATULATIONS !!

Jul. 5, 2008:

 :: Clubmatch CulemborgNL 2008 ::
"Vivid Daydream Emerald of Snow" - Dena (Daisy X Odin)
BEST White shepherd BABY-GIRL
"Vivid Daydream Emeror of Love" - Mark (Daisy & Odin)
BEST White shepherd BABY

Congratulations Mandy and Mark (M&M) AND family Blom and Dena !!!

We want to thank Christa and John for everything and all other VVDD-pup-owners who came to this gathering ;-))


June. 30, 2008:

"Vivid Daydream Excellence" (UBI) is adopted today by the KNGF and will start school when he will be about 14 months old to be trained to be a guidedog for the visual handicapped. We are proud and very happy that this wonderful boy has been choosen to start this serious training!

June. 15, 2008:

RWS Bundessiegerhauptzuchtschau 2008. Offspring group of Moon Shine Miraja : FIRST place !! (Daddy of our Amarushaya/Daisy)



June. 16, 2008:

Odie, Jansen, Jack, Ayra, Sadie, Baila, Toby, Jarco and Antar are 3 years old today !!

June. 9, 2008:

"Vivid Daydream Dionna" has had in the USA 3 tests. Her hearing, hips, eyes and elbows came out as perfectly healthy!! Congratulations Cate!!

March. 11, 2008:

Today they were born! In nearly 4 hours, Daisy gave, almost effortlessly, birth to 9 beautifull big puppies!! She gave labor to the first all by her self in the early morning. She was so quiet that we did not here her even that we slept right beside her. We woke up from the wonderfull puppy sound ((-: Daisy is the most amazing, enjoying, caring mother a puppy can have!! 


March. 05, 2008: One more week to go ??

Feb. 29, 2008:

A very special event today...


With exactly 7 weeks pregnancy we had made another echo in a real human-pregnancy-clinic. It was a great and very exciting experience! Daisy had to lay on her back for a while since the echoscopist had no experience with doggy-babies yet. We could see 6 puppies very clearly, with beating hearts! Even the 4 heart chambers were visible. The kidney's we could see too. As well as the positions the puppies were lying in. The puppy-adopters wanted to know how many girls and boys, but the gender we could not see of course  ;-)) A puppy was drinking, and we could see the mouth open and close and the tongue going in and out, amazing! If Daisy hides more than 6 pups will still be a secret for another 2 weeks............

Feb.26, 2008:

Daisy gained in one week 2 kilo's. She is doing great !

Feb. 2008:

A young daughter of Odin has gotten the highest White Shepherd show-titel ever! Res. BEST in Show :: Dog of the Year 2007 !!!

Odin is the father of our litter 2008.

Feb. 24 2008:

Winter Winner 2008 Celje. (Slovenia).

Vivid Daydream Daily-Kaya (Lady) achieved Junior winner and she became:

 "Junior Champion Slovenia 2008 - Ch.JSLO "

:: CONGRATULATIONS :: Slavi and Danijel and Anja !!

Feb.18, 2008:

Feb.18, 2008: "Vivid Daydream Belle's Beach Babe" (BAILA) is now officially the very FIRST White Shepherd with the titel:



Feb.18, 2008: Daisy gained 1.5 kilo in one week. Our pregnant girl is eating like a lion. One week ago nothing was to her liking, she did not want to eat her regular food. Only fresh meat she could eat. Although she did not trough-up she was not feeling well for 2 weeks. Now she has her appetite back and wants to eat all the time! She is her happy self and runs and plays with great joy! In 26 days it is her due date already...

I think she has a big belly, but we will have to wait and see how many baby's..


Feb.8, 2008:

YES!! We are soooo happy! Amarushaya-Daisy is pregnant, and echography has proven this today ((-:

Feb.8, 2008:

It is a great day anyway; since SHEBA has left quarantine station VIC-Australia today and finally went  HOME (((-:

Febr 5, 2008

Febr 5,2008: Champion "Vivid Daydream Belle's Beach Babe" (BAILA) expects this year her first litter short-coat pups !! Look at the parents and you will understand that we expect marvelous pups! (Click HERE for all info)

Jan.13, 2008:

Jan.13, 2008: "Vivid Daydream Bathelomeus" (Amarushaya X Cumano) CACIB show Ljubljana YOUTH-WINNER :: And twin sister Lady: BEST OF BREED! Congratulations Slavi and Danijel and Anja !!

*******All pups of the first litter of Amarushaya/Daisy develop beyond our expectations! Beautifull temperaments, healthy, large in size, and all 5 that went to show, score excellent!

NEWS 2007 >>> 




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