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Beautifull "VIVID DAYDREAM" stationary's!!


Dec. 16, 2009:

We are honered that our pups/shepherds were asked to decorate the

>>  NEW 365-day Dog Calender 2010. <<

On the cover you see "our BART"


Dec. 13, 2009:

Daisy's baby DUNYA is finally home again !!

Thank you Alice, Henk and Antar for the great care!!!


   :: DUBAI November 2009 ::  

EXZO (pup of Daisy & Odin) Has gotten beautiful pups. This pretty daughter will stay and live with her daddy.



Nov. 21, 2009:

  Vivid Daydream Daisy's Pearl (SHEBA) 

“Best Intermediate Bitch” and “Opposite Intermediate in Show”! J 

Congratulations Brooke and Tom !!



One of the boys of the last litter (son of Daisy & Suka) is adopted by Stichting Hulphond Nederland. He will be trained to help make the life of a physical disabled person a lot easier. We wish him great succes !!!



Wij steunen het KNGF :: onze Ubi leert bij hen voor geleide hond!


"Vivid Daydream Excellence" (UBI)

Begins today with 3 weeks basic training for Guide-Dog at the KNGF !

He is doing GREAT, and we are very proud of him!





Juni 28, 2009:

Vivid Daydream Elegant Rose (SINTA)

:: Best of Breed :: (BOB)

:: 1st FCI breed-group 1 !! ::

**Show Waterland 2009**

Sister Dena, got a great 2th place !

Daddy Suka uit het Noorden became Beste Male ((-:


Melina & Frummel 1e place Junior Handling ((-: (met dank aan Helga!)


June 21, 2009:

Daisy & Suka have become parents of 4 daughters and 4 sons!!



June 16, 2009:


Antar, Sadie, Jarco, Baila, Toby,Jack, Ayra, Jansen and Odie

Many more healthy and happy years!!


June 13, 2009:

Pregnancy exercize to stay fit! And Daisy loves to play in the water with her ball; we enjoy so much to see her happy!
(We can already feel the babies move in her belly!!)



May. 31, 2009:

YES ! We have seen 9 pups in Daisy's belly with the Ultra Sound today!

Of course we have to see if the US showed the correct amount. But we will be so happy with each and every puppy that will be born!!








May 15, 2009:

3 weeks pregnant!!

Daisy is happy as always






May. 6, 2009:

Wij steunen het KNGF :: onze Ubi leert bij hen voor geleide hond!

Happy and greatfull I can announce that UBI ("Vivid Daydream Excellence") Son of Daisy and Odin had got perfect hips (A) elbows (ED FREE)

Also his eyes are perfect and he passed all behaviour tests !!

He can now start the very serious training to be a KNGF guide dog for the visual disabled.

We are so proud of him and family Loefs where he lived and trained his first year !!


May. 5, 2009:

Vivid Daydream Daisy's Pearl (SHEBA) (Daisy X Cumano daughter)

Big Congratulations Brooke and Tom !!!


 April 24, 2009:

Daisy has got 5 Grand daughters from her son LORD!

Congratulation kisses to the parents and Slavi and Danijel ****


April. 21, 2009:

Mating day !!!

We hope to have pups from this great couple in June...

HERE << more pictures of the mating



April. 12, 2009:

Today it was a warm Easterday, we had a wondeful small *Vivid Daydream* family walk in the forest. >> 66 More photo's HERE


April. 10, 2009:

Kids of Daisy and Cumano; Kaya, Yaro, Lord and Lady, Dina, Bart, Ruby and Sheba this is YOUR day !! Big BIRTHDAY hugs to you!



April. 8, 2009:

Daisy got into season this afternoon

We hope to have puppies in about 11 weeks, around June 24...



April. 1, 2009:

Sisters "Vivid Daydream Emerald of Snow" (DENA) en "Vivid Daydream Elegant Rose" (SINTA) (2008 litter) got both their A Obedience certificate! SINTA even with the highest score possible! Well done girls and Lien and Ester !



March. 31, 2009:

This day 5 years ago our very first VIVID DAYDREAM litter was born!

On this special day our > Chihuahua Shanaya gave birth to 4 very special pups

Doron, Juno, Mila, Kaya, and Ice have a great and healthy 6th year!



March. 11, 2009:

YES! 1 year old today !! Sinta, Dena, Djazzy, Exzo, Flock, Mark, Sem, Nora and Ubi, have a GREAT DAY!



Febr. 25, 2009:

Yelena Ralston painted our Daisy as "Heavenly Puppy Keeper",  mother for young pups that had to go to heaven...(which suits her perfectly!)

Yelena we are so grateful for this beautifull gift!!

© Yelena Ralston*

Febr. 22, 2009:

Daisy's husband-to-be: "Suka uit het Noorden" BOB-CAC-CICIB Hoogstraten (B)

Well done!



Febr. 10, 2009:

Today is our 5 year Kennelname celebration


Febr. 1, 2009: Daisy's first Grandchildren are wonderfully grown already!



Jan. 27, 2009:

OT news...we expect our first Chihuahua babies ((-:

Jan 23, 2009:

Sweet Daisy HAPPY 4 th BIRTHDAY !!


NEWS 2008 >>>





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