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Wij steunen het KNGF :: onze Ubi leert bij hen voor geleide hond!


:: Dec. 28, 2010 :: Into season already!

Sinta came into season a month early ! We will try to mate her to Champion Suka in a few days...

We are soo excited about this beautiful match (-:

If all will go well we will have puppies half March.


:: Dec. 26, 2010 :: puppy diary

"Vivid Daydream Rocky Red Ruby" the boy with the red ribbon, from our 2010 litter, lives now with Sarah and Jeroen in the north of Holland. His name is Indy!

To see how this beatiful boy grows up you can click on his picture. You will be able to enjoy his diary with gorgeous pictures! Thank you Sarah !!




:: Dec. 26, 2010 :: Calender 2011

On the new International White Shepherd calender 2011 is our Daisy the "centerfold" again (-:
The grandfather of our Dunya shines on the cover (-: We are very proud of course ;-)





:: Nov. 28, 2010 :: Winner show Amsterdam

We are very proud of Suka ! Today he came out for the first time in the Championclass in the Winner Show 2010  in Amsterdam.  He beat efforlessly 5 beautyful Champs and got first place !!


Melina with Suka and Roxanne with Cortez :: Reserve Winner and Winner 2010!



:: Nov. 14, 2010 ::

Today we went with King-Polar to the Clubmatch of the KCWF.

The judge was the White Shepherd breed-specialist Jan de Gids.

Many White Shepherds participated this day.

King was the youngst male (13 mnds) but won:

Best Male of the Breed !! 



: Nov. 2, 2010 ::

Also from this litter of Daisy we had again a request to deliver a puppy for the special job of  "Service Dog"  Today the pups are exactly 7 weeks old and are temparament-tested by a specialist of the Martin Gaus Academy. Puppy Gold came at the one most suitable to be trained to me a Service-Dog dog for a boy with severe autism. We wish puppy Gold all the succes in the world and hope to follow his progress on this website!



:: Okt. 18, 2010 ::

This is the daughter of Sheba (Vivid Daydream Daisy's Pearl) and granddaughter of our Daisy.

We wish Brooke all the succes in the world with this beautiful girl in far away Australia!



:: Okt. 4, 2010 :: Animal Day

Sweet KING 1 year old today :: Happy Birthday to you !!!


::  September 14, 2010 ::

 After a good and healthy pregnancy Daisy and  Dutch CHampion Suka got 8 beautiful pups today!!!


::  July 14, 2010 ::

 Yesterday Daisy showed 'obvious signs of willingness to mate'. We went to het lover Suka, but he was not really 'in the mood to go for it'. Since it was Daisy's 11th day I decided to do a blood test at the vet's. A few hours later he called me with the message that we have still a few days till it's the right time.


::  July 3, 2010 ::

We are very excited to report that our Daisy came into season today and will be mating in some days with "Suka uit het Noorden" to have her very last litter !


::  June 7, 2010 ::

*** Happy times in Australia *** Sheba's pups are born !! ***

Congratulation Brooke and Tom with the 5 pups of Sheba !!!

Happy mom Sheba *** (daugther of Daisy and Cumano) *


::  May 13, 2010 ::

Show Time news ! Our Dunya and King-Polar have given their best on

CAC-Shepherd Special Show "Joe Kat" Arnhem NL.


Dunya got :: 2 Excellent ::


King-Polar got :: 1 Very Prommissing :: and :: Best Pup of the Breed ::

Both got the best report possible from the judge; Mr Ebels (-:


May 10, 2010 ::

Congratulation Brooke with the pregnancy of Sheba!

"Vivid Daydream Daisy's Pearl" (Sheba) is pregnant from Zack and they will have pups soon!

Click here for the last news <<



May 8, 2010 ::

Added on the website: White Shepherd dog Puppy Training advices <<


May 2, 2010 ::

King and Dunya had their first show-experience. It was all new to them, being surrounded bij so many White Shepherds. But both did great! They've got a beautiful report from the judge.

King got 3th place with "Very Promissing" and Dunya got 2th place with Excellent.

I'm very proud of this 2 pretty Whities !



April 29, 2010 ::

King stays with us for a few days! We will take him to his first show on the 2th of May.

Soon we will put soom new pictures on the website of this very fast growing boy.


::  April 21,  2010

Today the mailman brings excellent news. "Vivid Daydream Elegant Rose" Sinta

 (daughter of Daisy en Odin)

HD A Free - norbergwaarde 40 - no bone defect - and a good joint connection 

(which is rare!!)

Better hips than this is not possible!

( click >> here )

Sinta is MDR1 gen defect +/+ (free) and CE free.

The elbows of Sinta are also Perfect! She is officially compleet ED free !! (Click >> here )

 She is our wonderful promise for our "Vivid Daydream" future !

Sinta, the Healthy, Big and Strong girl !



::  April 1th  2010 :: 

"Vivid Daydream Daisy's Pearl" (Sheba) will be mating one of these days for the very first time at  Kennel Neige Pearl  in Australië. We wish Brooke lots of Succes ;-)

And of course the latest news will be reported right here!


::  March 31, 2010 ::

HURAY **!      Doron, Mila, Ice, Juno and Kaya are 6 years old today !!


::  March 28, 2010 ::

"Vivid Daydream Extremely Nice" (Flock) was photo-model for a new theater piece.

The piece will have the premiere november 2010. It's called "Waakhondje"

More info >> here

 (photo:  © Esterdeboer.com)


::  March 20, 2010 ::

The photo page of King is online.  Click  here

More winter photo's of Dunya...  Click here


::  March 11, 2010 ::

Happy B-Day for the second birthday to

Exzo, Mark, Djazzy, Flock, Sem, Dena, Sinta, Nora and Ubi !!


::  Februari 18, 2010 :: 

Genetic test results!

 "Chaim de Conquistadores del Azahar" / King Polar

MDR1 +/+ free :: Coat length genotype long/short coat

"Vivid Daydream of a Summer Angel" / Dunya

MDR1 +/+ free


::  Februari 3, 2010 :: 

Today flies in on Schiphol from Barcelona - Spain:

 "Chaim de Conquistadores del Azahar" / King Polar  

The beautiful son of "Vivid Daydream Belle's Beach-Babe" / Baila

He is connected to our kennel but will live in Gouda with Dory, Frans and Joyce.

Of course he has his own page


:: Dubai :: January 30, 2010 ::

11 Puppies born in Dubai !!  "Vivid Daydream Extra Gift" (Exzo) has become a  daddy again !

Congratulation kisses to mommy A-capella and Exzo and all babies X  X 

Eleonora have great time with the pups ! x x x


:: January 23, 2010 ::

"Amarushaya von der Nordhelle" our sweet sweet Daisy was born 5 years ago, today!!

We have spoiled her a lot, just as she deserves on this special day ((-:



:: January 14, 2010 ::

Very good news about our "Vivid Daydream Excellence" (Ubi)

This white star has proved in his study for guidedog to be able to handle all situations with ease. He got for this the best score possible !! He did so well in his education time at the Royal Dutch Guidedog School (KNGF) that in only another two month he will meet his new owner. For him of her Ubi will be the "seeing eyes". We are so very very proud of him !!




 Vivid Daydream Shepherds in the new kalender 2010 !!




*** We wish everyone a very best newyear 2010 !! ***



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