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Living in Italy :: A pretty great-granddaughter of our beloved Daisy...



:: September 30, 2012 :: HURRAY Sheba's pups are born !!

Vivid Daydream Daisy's Pearl (Sheba) had a not very easy delivery but the result is stunning :-)

9 beautiful puppies, very big and beautiful, are here now and we wish them a great and happy life !!

Mom and puppies are fine :-)

Sheba herself was also one of a litter of 6 girls and 3 boys.

CONGRATULATIONS to Tom, Brooke and Ange!




:: September 30, 2012 :: Dunya almost with no hair left...still a beauty :-)

This is how a puppy mother looks when her pups have found their ways to their new families

Mom is loosing het coat completely and soon a new one will grow quickly




:: September 26, 2012 :: BOYD for ever

Our new guy Boyd is forever with Stephanie. Love forever :-)

Boyd has a great life with Stephanie and yes I know...it's time he too get's a page on our website!

We are a bit behind scedule ;-)




:: September 14, 2012 :: Sheba...very pregnant in Australia.

This time our thoughts are far away...exactly on the other side of our world.

Our thoughts are with Robin, but also with Sheba, who is pregnant of her second litter!

We are looking forward seeing her new babies and we hope to receive many pictures

We wish Sheba an easy birth and a great time with her puppies !

Sheba will have her pups at Kennel EISHUND (http://www.eishund.com/)






:: September 11, 2012 :: Robin's long journey.

Sometimes there is someone that deserves the best you've got.

It's not easy but it's a beautiful decision for the White Shepherd dog world at other side of our planet earth...

After a long road of planning and organizing but we have come to the day that Robin was allowed to fly to New Sealand.

We are very sad that Robin had to be locked-up in the plane so many many hours, but it's only one time...!

And he will have the rest of his life a great time with Tanya and family from Pandora Kennels in Masterton New-Sealand

We wish them all the very BEST together !!



      :: August 19, 2012 :: VIVID DAYDREAM RULES!      


  On the hottest day of the year we went to the Show DIEREN 2012 

What a day !!

177 dogs of all breeds were registered.

We had for the first time 4 Whities in the car with us.

Yump for Joy of the White Wolves Home - BINDY

Vivid Daydream Nagushake - SILVER

Vivid Daydream Tsubomi - KITAY

Vivid Daydream Warden-Whitby - ROBIN

We did couple class with Silver and Kitay (Brother and Sister) and won 1st price !!

Bindy got 1st place VERY GOOD

Kitay got First Place EXCELLENT and got BEST SEX

Silver got 1st place EXCELLENT


Report with pictures wil follow very soon.....




:: June 6,  2012 :: They are here !!!

On precisely the right day Dunya got her babies very fast and swift. 10 beautiful WSSD-puppies enridge the world !

Here under you see a picture of Dunya just 2 days before the birth...




:: May 25,  2012 :: On a warm day in May...

On the 51st day of the pregnancy take the parents to be a short stroll in the forest.



:: May 23 2012 :: Much too soon, much to sad...letting go of our beautiful Daisy

Still young...

It happended so horribly fast...

Helpless victim of this mean disease...

We couldn't do any thing for you any more...

We had to have you being released...

No other way out...

Your body couldn't win this battle...

You are so terribly missed by us...

Thank you, thank you, thank you sweet heart, for EVERYTHING !

If tears could make miracles you would be with us now, healthy and happy...

(of course an in memoriam will be made soon)





:: May 22, 2012 :: More sad-news...

University Clinic Utrecht gave us the result of the research done on puppy green.

She died from Hydrocephalus, something very rare in the White Shepherd breed.

She was just very unlucky...

We are thankfull that she did not have to suffer anymore than she did.


And than our sweet sweet Daisy was not feeling well and coughing a bit lately.

A lung X-ray showed today she has a very agressive form of long cancer.

Our poor sweetheart will not be staying with us for very long anymore ..

We are very very sad with this horrible news....



:: May 13, 2012 :: Sadness...

We lost today very suddenly one of our puppies. Only 33 days young...

The girl with the green ribbon died like struck by lightning!

We are schocked and have no idea what happened...


:: April 14, 2012 :: Born in Dubai 

Today we heard the great news that another 7 miracles are born in Dubai !

The proud daddy is "Vivid Daydream Extra Gift" - EXZO




:: April 11, 2012 :: Puppies !!

On the 11th of this month (how could it be otherwise ;) our 7 White Miracles !

Here under you can see and hear them; just a few hours after their birth ...



:: April 9, 2012 :: Waiting and waiting ... day 62 of the pregnancy...


Dunya and Nero want puppies TOOO !



:: April 5, 2012 :: Wonderfull NEWS !!

 Sinta is very much at the end of her pregnancy and can deliver any day now....

She is doing GREAT!

*** 1th of  April - it's no joke - A DREAMDAY for Vivid Daydream !!

Our little ones dit SUPER on the White Shepherd Show ZWHVN 2012 - we are so proud of them!




Photo's HERE <<


Dunya was mating today with her lover NERO*

Photo's and more news soon!



:: March 13, 2012 :: Puppies in the way !!

We are SOOO happy with the ultrasound picture of today. Sinta and Chicco will have babies ((-:



:: March 3th 2012 :: 3 times SILVER !

CAC-CACIB Martini Dog Show 2012

Our puppy Bindy >> Puppy class :: 2th place Very Promissing*

Djaro (pup of Sinta and Suka) >> Youthclass :: 2th place Very Good*

Dunya >> Adultclass :: 2th place Excellent Res CACIB



:: Februari 10, 2012 :: A pretty and happy couple (-:

White Shepherds can smile ((-: Sinta and Chicco while mating were very happy and content !

It is Chicco's very first date and did a great job ;-)

Now our fingers crossed for a few healthy puppies ...



:: Februari 3, 2012 :: Exciting times to come ....!

Sinta got in to heat and we hope to mate her in a few days !!



:: Januari 2012 :: White Shepherd Dogs in the CIRCUS!

Till Januari 22 in the Theaters in the Netherlands; Winter Circus Martin Hanson **

Our Daisy was the first White Shepherd ever performing with children in the theater.

Now we can see 7 Whites !!!





:: Januari 1th 2012 !! :: We wish all beings the best for the new year !!

Good Health, Happyness and wealth in everyway  **




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