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We hope to welcome *Vivid Daydream* puppies again!

If you have any questions you can contact us

Please reserve your *Vivid Daydream* puppy in time !

For any questions, or more information please contact us by E-mail or telephone.

Tel: +31 857849580



All our puppy plans are carefully prepared!

We plan a litter White SWiss Shepherd Dog puppies very carefully. We start by looking for the best suitable male for the mother to be.

He must be from healthy and good bloodlines. His temperament and appearance should be excellent.

We make sure the mother to be is in supreme shape before the mating. Both parents should have healthy hips and elbows.

Also geneticly our dogs are completely tested before going in our breeding programm.

The newest genetic tests are used to get an insight in the genetics of our White Shepherd Dogs.

The pups are born in our (smokefree) clean living room. Where they get plenty of rest but also impressions of all human activities.

We are one of the few breeders who give from day 4 all pups individual "Early Neuro Stimulation treatment";

This improves their body and mental health greatly. (and helps to deal with stressful events easily)

The pups get used to different people and animals, sounds and events.

 They are allowed to explore our house and garden freely and take rides in our car to visit different places.

This all increases their intelligence. Besides they get daily fishoil capsules for overall health.

We do all this with great love and know that the pups will be a wonderful addition to their new family.

(We don't breed MDR1 gen defect sufferers !)

(We don't breed gen. DM sufferers !)


The pups of our *Dunya and Nero* were born on *JUNE 6th 2012* !!  (Pedigree)

** Birth **  Week 1  **  Week 2  **  Week 3  **   Week 4  **  Week 5  ** Week 6  **  Week 7 ** Goodbye and new start! ** <<



Sinta's 7 beautiful puppies were born on April 11, 2012*

** Birth ** Week 1 **  Week 2 **  Week 3  **  Week 4  **  Week 5  ** Week 6  ** Week 7 ** Goodbye/New Beginning **  >>


Daisy's last litter was born on the 14 th of September 2010.


>> Pregnancy ** Birth **  Week 1 ** Week 2 ** Week 3

 ** Week 4 ** Week 5 ** Week 6 ** Week 7 ** Goodbye <<


Daisy's offspring has developed even better than we could ever hope and dream!

5 of the 8 first litter pups are active in the show-world and all have great results.

One got a Junior-Champion title at the age of 10 months!

One is already UKC Champion in the USA.All are large build and healthy and have stable-easy temperaments with good work drive.

They are doing very well in dog-school/training. We got already some great health test results.So far all HD and ED free!

Some made Daisy a Grandmom, our own Dunya is one of them!

Many went oversees, to far places like Australia and Dubai.

One pup is active and talented in IPO (SchH) and Sheepherding in the USA.

Another one is choosen to be a guide dog for the visual handicapped. He did this very hard training with ease !!

Also a son is Service Dog for a physically disabled person, we are thankful for such high quality ofspring.

One puppy was trained as a therapy dog for a child with Autism handicap. Just like his mom he is very talented in this (-:

And above all they are all very sweet and social dogs! We are very proud of all of them !!




Our "Vivid Daydream" Pups...


* Have a F.C.I..-(export) Pedigree

* Have a (F.C.I.) micro CHIP

*Each one gets a E.M.S. training

*Are well socialised

*Get their puppy vaccination

* Are de-wormed properly each 2 weeks (also against Giadia)

* Can go to the new owner not earlier than from 7 weeks on

* Get a happy puppy gift package

* Have an European passport

* Come with copies of all official papers of the parents on request

* Get a full health check plus report from a official veterinair.

* Are guaranteed never genetic DM or MDR-1 sufferers !

* Have our support for LIFE!


Daisy and Suka are the parents of the pups born in 2009 and of our pups of 2010.

They are the parents of our beauty Dunya !



For any questions, or more information please contact us by E-mail or telephone.

Tel: +31 857849580

Email:  < click






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